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Make Change Happen

We live in the most exciting of times as exponential technologies unfold all around us.

To save our planet and ourselves we need nothing less than a systemwide transition to circularity and decentralization.

We understand nature as the source of life. We have to restore a natural balance between needs and consumption. No more exploitation. Neither of man, nor land, nor animal.

Appetite for Disruption is a non-commercial, educational initiative inspired and fuelled by the work of the global Disruption Disciples movement and the Exelixis Studio think tank.

The Mission

Appetite For Disruption has one important goal: to show people that everyone with an interest in creating something can do just that. Entrepreneurship and disruptiveness lies dormant in all of us, it just needs to be awakened.

The Appetite For Disruption Interview series shows just that. A bunch of highly motivated, creative people who made their dreams come true.

magnus opus

Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna

Ideator & host

Considered to be one of the leading European Banking, Investment and Blockchain/Crypto Law specialists, Guenther Dobrauz is also passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, rock music, custom bratstyle motorcycles, obstacle course racing and vinyl records.

Did we mention that he also founded the Appetite For Disruption initiative? 🙂

How to change the world

Mission Statement

Appetite For Disruption has a very ambitious goal – to weaponize creativity and disruption thinking in as many people as possible.

Sounds dangerous, right? For those not willing to change you bet it does.

A stellar cast of interview partners

From iconic artist Moby to enfant terrible Oliviero Toscani; each and every one of them gave us unique insight into their mindset, their motivation and their conviction.

Absolutely transformative interviews no one should miss.


Iconic artist

Elmar Mock

Swatch Co-Inventor

Chris von Rohr

Swiss Rock Legend

Billy Duffy

The Cult Guitarist

Anders Indset

Business Philosopher

Oliviero Toscano

Photographer & Enfant Terrible

Matt Sorum

Grammy Award Winning Musician

Jon Schaffer

Rock Entrepreneur

Billy Morrison

Musician & Artist

And many more!

Launching Soon

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