Rebels with
a cause

Who said that smoking a cigar is a pleasure only enjoyable in a chesterfield armchair with
a fine brandy?

ElCigar – Made for pleasure

Smoking cigars enjoyed consciously

Smoking a fine cigar is a mindset, detached from location, dress-code or social happening. It is a luxury that transcends conventions.

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Worst-case scenario? We’d have to smoke our own cigars for the rest of our lives.

Feri Cilurzo

ElCigar Cofounder

We aren’t focused on short term goals. Our aim is to grow slowly. Instead of solely focusing on marketing, we highly value enjoyment and quality of life in and around ElCigar.

André Krell

ElCigar Cofounder

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Aficionado my ass... I just love to smoke cigars.
- James Woods


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