Mission: Fiduciary

The digitisation of the business world has taken every industry by storm. The fiduciary and finance industry is no exception.

The Swiss fiduciary institute 4.0 has been founded for this exact reason: to assist all its members in digitising their business processes and workflows, nationwide.

Branding strategy

The Brand language of the Fiduciary4.0 initiative had to be daring and modern but still uphold the values and traditions of the fiduciary sector. We decided to use the classical blue hue with modern components.

The Logo with its journey from sheet of paper to pixel encapsulates the assignment we were given, namely to visualize the transition from classical paradigms into the digital age.

it40 logo final
it40 visitenkarte mockup 2

Treuhand40.ch also boasts one of the most extensive partner networks in Switzerland.

The Digitisation Think-Tank


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