How we created temu studio and invented temuland

There’s work that merely pays the bills and there’s work that gives meaning to one’s life, while also paying the bills. You can work to live, live to work or allow your work to enrich your living. “That’s just semantics & wordplay”, some say. The difference might seem subtle, yet it is a very profound one.

We at temu studio want our work to have meaning. For our clients & also for ourselves. We want to learn, to discover & try out new things. We do not see our work as a chore but as an enrichment to our lives.

That’s also the main reason why we always strive to do better. To excel. Not to be average. That mindset fulfils us in such a manner that it transcends work and becomes passion. The satisfaction we get when our clients are truly happy with our work is incredible.

Speaking of clients, having the strength and determination to seed out bad actors, e.g. clients with misguided principles for themselves and their company, is one of the most important skills we have mastered in the last decades.

We always seek a transparent and honest partnership with our clients. Then and only then can we truly focus on spectacular accomplishments.

The road to reach these goals is rarely an easy one. As the Latin phrase eloquently puts it: “Per aspera ad astra – through hardships to the stars.” We must work together and work together well.

Personally, I’ve been able to accrue decades worth of working experience that revealed the convictions I hold dear to this day. My gradual metamorphosis started as an inexperienced, 15-year-old retail clerk and culminated when I oversaw multi-million dollar projects in fortune 500 companies in my thirties.

One thing was always missing though: the satisfaction of creating something I truly believed in. That’s why I decided to start a new chapter in my life and found my own company, temu studio. My goal was to create a place where clients and agency truly listen to each other as equal partners.

Luckily, I’ve since lost the fear of asking uncomfortable questions. At temu studio, we seek partnerships, not customer–employee relationships; a principle I hold dear and place great value in.

We’re also truly obsessed with uncompromising customer satisfaction. The difference well thought out communication makes in the eye of our client’s customers is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Working in such a manner is not our industry’s usual modus operandi though. That’s why we understand that oftentimes there’s a lot of explaining and education to do, especially in the starting phase of a project. Establish guidelines, always explain what you’re doing and always ask the client to verify your work, not to merely believe in you.

All said and done, once everyone finds their stride and the first goals are reached, we’re in for a meteoric ascent. Strap yourselves in, we’re going to the moon. 😉

Welcome to temu studio.

And then came temuland

Our agency’s most recent and impressive passion project has emerged from the blockchain & distributed ledger technologies field. Reading Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper triggered an avalanche of optimism and momentum that couldn’t be stopped anymore. Such a transformative and disruptive movement manifests once every thousand years. Crypto is revolutionizing our social fabric at a breakneck pace. We couldn’t just stand on the sidelines, waiting and watching. We felt the urge and the responsibility to use our know-how and offer an education platform to all those people interested in Crypto.

That’s how temuland was born. A place where the crypto-curious can roam and discover at their heart’s content. A place without entry barriers, a place where learning and discovering this new technology is the main goal.

The whole project has been financially bootstrapped by temu studio and is offered absolutely free.

Our honour and privilege are to extend and support temuland on its growth trajectory for many years to come. We firmly believe that in the next couple of decades decentralization combined with ledger and blockchain technologies will change the world for the better, be it in finance, entertainment, logistics, and more.

For that reason, temu studio also offers comprehensive crypto solutions to its clients. Feel free to check out our services.

See you on the flip side.

Robin Bucciarelli
Founder and CEO of

Robin Bucciarelli
Robin Bucciarelli
Innovator by design, strategic consultant by trade, founder and CEO of temu studio


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