Nationales Pferdezentrum Bern

Swiss equine
competence centre

The Swiss National equine competence centre (NPZ) is the goto address for education, training and health management around horses. Besides offering courses and events to the general public, its mandate includes the training of the national military and police forces.

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Bringing a national institution into the new millenium

The NPZ, with its history spanning centuries had to complete one crucial step: digitize its processes and offer a modern and contemporary web presence to its customers.

temu studio relaunched the web presence and facilitated the digitization of many critical processes, thus enabling the institute to transition into the digital age.


Process automation

After the web relaunch we focused on the critical digitization of business processes. Procedures that took up to 2 hours were reduced to 10 minutes or less, which helped optimize the company’s cumulated workload by thousands of staff-hours per month.


As an example let us illustrate the workflow of reserving riding tracks by the instructors.

Before digitization

The steps for reserving a track on NPZ’s training ground were manual, analog, quite laborious and took up to 2 hours per reservation.

After digitization

Thanks to a central repository, all reservations could be executed on desktop and mobile devices. The booking, confirmation and updates now happen in real-time. The whole process could be successfully reduced from multiple hours to a couple of minutes.

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Content strategy

Working with capable and very knowledgeable topic specialists in the equine industry, we were in an advantageous position to create a bespoke content strategy for our client.


products, courses & events

e-commerce integration

online shop

Everything a horse needs & more at the customer's fingertips. We implemented a fully-fledged online shopping and fulfilment experience.

course & event management

Customers are able to register for any event or course. The NPZ team can manage the whole process in the backend.

Swiss equine competence centre


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